Midnight trail

Midnight trail - student project

Midnight trail - image 1 - student project

I have never really tried to draw something out of my head, as I am trained in reproducing what I see in sketches. So this was a challenge enough : ) And while I love the digitally made images submitted, I myself find it reassuring to go through the entire process with a pencil in my hand.

Reading through the slides, I have chosen to go for less. In this image, I have round footprints in the snow pointing to the character and adding a past action, and linear steps leading to the house pointing from the opposite direction.

Round footprints are secure, and to me imply a journey behind; something already discovered and known. The linear steps, on the other hand, are crooked, uneven but at the same time inviting, leading towards a firm door and house with a light in the window (which was the intention - making it more clear, along with the front wall of the house).

The image is framed by trees of the surrounding forrest from sides, and I played a bit with the depth of field by sketching some vegetation at the bottom of the image. The house is also framed by trees, as I did not want to go into extreme contrast with the sky, since it's suppossed to be night and all is suppossed to be dark. Some light is shed thanks to the moon and its' reflection bouncing off the snow around, providing addittional light (hopefully). This allowed me to have the character in focus, in contrast with the glowing snow.