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Midnight in the Garden

Update #2: 11/14/2013

I've done a few sketches of the letter B, just to get familiar with drawing the letter.  I'm finding it hard to come up with ideas.  I think I want to focus on the deception aspect by having a proper, respectable B with a floozy-B reflection or shadow.  Or something along those lines.  Here are some sketches:


Update #1

Okay, I've re-read the book, and I still love it.  I'm working with letter B, because the auther is John Berendt.  But, I just saw Jessica's note, so I may re-think.  I tend to get too illustrative or to literal, so of course my first ideas are to do a big drag queen letter or a gunshot letter.  But then I end up with something that looks like it's trying too hard.  So although I may incorporate something like that, I'm trying to evoke one of the themes that that really stand out to me:

1.  The setting, Savannah - the city is like a giant organism, a character in the book. 

2.  The theme of deception - throughout the book, nothing is as it first seems - Chablis, the author, Jim Williams, Lee & Emma Adler, Billy, the city itself

Here's my initial list of brainstorming:

And here's a mood/inspiration board. 

I've also created a Pinterest board



After watching the first videos, I've changed my book from To Kill A Mockingbird to Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  It's not quite the classic, but I really do love the book.  Plus, I like the feel of Savannah and it's characters.  The biggest reason, though, is that I want to re-read the book before I get too far into the project, and this is what I feel like reading right now!


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