Midnight Wolves

Midnight Wolves - student project

Instead of doing a label I would like to an album cover + logo for my bands non existent EP. The band name is Midnight Wolves (yes its kinda half serious half joking) and we play aggressive grind/hardcore/death & roll in the vein of Trap Them, Black Breath, Nails, and Entombed. The trend in heavy metal tends to be completely unreadable hand drawn logos. I would like to keep a hand drawn aesthetic but make it a little more unique with a dirty southern/rock and roll vibe. 

UPDATE: Initial Sketches

Midnight Wolves - image 1 - student project

Midnight Wolves - image 2 - student project

Midnight Wolves - image 3 - student project

UPDATE: Final scan/distressed version. Unfortunately decided the name is just too cheesy and are gonna change it anyway...still a fun exercise!

Midnight Wolves - image 4 - student project