Midnight Square (Fashion & Accesories)

Midnight Square (Fashion & Accesories) - student project

Midnight Square is a place where all women are free to explore and express their feminine side. We celebrate strong, intelligent and inspiring women. We want to encourage every woman to search for her inner beauty, elegance and strength.

(Please, share some feedback if you can, it would be very helpful since I'm just starting out.)

Exercise 1: (Moodboard)

Midnight Square (Fashion & Accesories) - image 1 - student project

Exercise 2:

(Question marks note that I'm not sure whether I chose the good amount. For example, I see elegant women as quiet (as the opposite of noisy), but not as those who keep quiet when they have something to say.)

Midnight Square (Fashion & Accesories) - image 2 - student project

Sandra M
Actress, artist, designer