Midnight Blues

Midnight Blues - student project

Midnight Blues - image 1 - student project

Not the final sketch but one of them:

Midnight Blues - image 2 - student project

Hi Rick,

I found your course and decided to give it a try last night instead of sleeping. I'm pretty familiar with Illustrator but have been looking for ways to do more illustrations from my sketches. I struggled with using Illustrator like this, and while I do like how this turned out, I'm going to have to give this project a few more tries. Which is fine because I really enjoyed emulating your process. Maybe I'll do better if I have a night of sleep first.


I think what I really had trouble with is wanting to add/delete elements of my composition relatively late in the process and not being sure how to do it without starting over. I was probably too worried about adding anything that clearly wasn't sketched out first and thus looked out of place. As a result, this illustration doesn't really feel complete to me. I'm sure that when I give it another go I'll have a better idea of what to do when I have that problem.


Also the colors look much more saturated here than they did on Illustrator, but that happens and I actually kind of like them, even if they overwhelm.


Thanks for the course! I had a lot of fun with it!