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Middle Eastern Geometric Pattern Illustration

Dribbble: NabilKaz  Twitter: @nabil_kaz


Coming closer to finishing the poster. Added the addition of a PeaCock to the illustration. Still undecided about a few things.

I do really like the symmetry of the peacocks adorning the center pattern but I'd like to also include the long decorated feathers peacocks are known for. This is where I'm having a creative block both in the treatment of the feathers and the layout in general. The beige-ish rectangle behind the peacocks marks the border of the poster (18 by 24). I initially wanted the feathers to extend passed the border and then curl up top but it got very busy especially when I mirrored the effect on the other side. 

I've also been given the suggestion of cutting it in half and giving center-stage to the bird and its feathers.

Any suggestions for layout and/or feather treatment would be great!


I've been a bit obsessed with geometry as of recently. It's through some combination of going through Eric Brough's Islamic Geometric Patterns and Leonard Mlodinow's Euclid's Window that I've got some insatiable need for patterns via compass and ruler. This is still a work in progress but I fully intend to have it finished by the start of the course. Here are some process shots so far:

Now in Illustrator it's reached its current state:

I'm going to finish this up before the class starts so I have something to work with. Hopefully this wont be too difficult to work with.

Can't wait to see what everyone else posts up!


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