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You can check out my instagram at @GentleHenryJ

For this project, I focused on all the areas in my neighborhood that I frequently bike to.


The MKT trail runs near where I live, and features a mountain bike skills course at a spot called Jay Dix Station, more commonly referred to as the bike playground. This is a picture of my friend @realmikeybob riding up the teeter-totter for the first time.


Next to the Chancellor's Residence on the University of Missouri's main quad sits this bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson. For the start of the #60DaysOfBiking challenge on instagram, I took this picture of my bike resting with TJ.


Memorial union is one of the most photographed spots on the university campus, so I wanted to test out some of the editing apps mentioned in this class to see what I could do with this beautiful building.


Riding through the streets of downtown one day, I happened upon this construction worker skateboarding through the streets, weaving and dancing to The Doors as he made his way home from work. Just thought this was a fun picture to catch of something a little out of the ordinary.


This picture was taken as part of the #60DayBikeChallenge for Specialized bicycles. Killing two birds with one stone, I snapped this instagram outside of Strange Donuts on National Donut Day. (UPDATE:: I totally won a new helmet and some sick bike gear for this picture!!)


Also on National Donut Day, inspired by the peephole examples given in the class, I used one of the donuts from the previous picture to make a lens through which you can see the bronze tiger and Jesse Hall of Mizzou.


My last picture is a Sunday afternoon ride on the highways outside of Columbia where I often ride. I used the selective edit tool on snapseed to bring out the blue of the sky against the clouds.


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