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Mid-century Modern Ranch Home

Hi guys, my name is Matt, I live in Cape Town, South Africa in a mid-century modern ranch style home, or our equivalent of it.

My wife, Kathy and I moved in 4 years ago and we've slogged away at renovating it ourselves and calling sub contractors in for the more specialized stuff.

We were told ahead of time that we’d love or hate it, thankfully we fell in love at the showing and have left it structurally unchanged bar sanding the floors, redoing the bathrooms and a new lick of wall paint, though a two years ago we put in a new kitchen.

We have two young children, an almost 3 year old boy, Nathan and a 7 month old daughter, Olivia, they are the reason we DON’T have a coffee table, fellow parents of toddlers will understand. Though for the project I plan on substituting our piano for the the coffee table.

I'm a stay -at-home/work-from-home Dad, living a simpler life. I grow up to 70% of the food we eat, cook, clean and take care of our home and kids, an oddity, but becoming a norm in some modern families.

The decor has been cobbled together from thrift stores, car boots and Gumtree, our Craigslist equivalent.

I’ve been blessed with some great authentic MCM finds like the Cado wall unit, Poulsen PH pendant light, but equally at home are our Ikea pendants.

I’m exited to learn more about styling, tips, ideas and sharing with others as well as tackling out bedroom, which is probably the least thought out part of our home playing home to a camper cot and several clothes horses with ever drying nappies (diapers).

I keep a blog of out interior comings and goings over at www.curatethisspace.com and on Pinterest @mattallison

The 5 Key Areas of our Home (Before)

The Couch & Credenza

The Bookshelf

The Piano (I don't own a coffee table so this will be my substitute).

The Bedroom (probably the most neglected part of our home)

These are a few more pics of our home.

The 5 Key Areas of our Home (After)

As shared, since I don't own a coffee table I decided to style our piano instead.

8 Principles of Styling Homework

The image above is an example of our own 'lived in style', I've done this on instinct, but am facinated but the fact that it addresses the 8 Principles of Styling.

The NEED it addresses is a child friendly storgage space, easily accessible by the kids and ourselves, as well as our desire to decorate the wall to add some visual interest to our home.

The SHAPE and PLACEMENT go hand in hand with each other, using the rule of threes to style the objects on the old NatGeo mags, a gift from a friend, from the year of my birth.

COLOR largely green to tie in with my BOTANICAL love, with a  few pops of accent colors: yellow, teal.

PATTERN and TEXTURE are addressed by the various prints and collected bits of natural history, the butterflies, stag horns and plants.

BLING is my Grandmothers old Brass Pot, it sat in her house, then my Mom's now mine.


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