Mid-Century Modern Starburst

I've always loved the mid-century art from the 1950's through the early 1970's.  From Googie with its space-age look to Polynesian pop tikis, there is so much inspiration for the world that could have been.

Project Workspace

My workspace is set up to serve the printing industry where I am involved in preflighting files, making sure they'll print with the highest standards.  I've got my Separations Preview and Pathfinder tools that allow me to check client files for colors and adjust files for trapping.

Varied Color Schemes

I used subdued primary colors to create three different works of the same design with an additional iteration in brighter, more vibrant colors. 

The small circles above each artboard was most helpful in recoloring items, rather than switching to the Swatch palette. I used the duplication method of the artboards by option-dragging.  

Overall, I learned a few new tricks that helped greatly with this project and look forward to using more in my future designs.


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