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Microcopy redo for walmart.com



After - Why to do it?


I did notice for the "Why to do it?" we have a bubble that pops up to show "why" once you start typing instead of having it under the textfield


After - If you did it right


Although I believe microcopy is very important, I think on our site we have tried to minimize copy as much as possible as not to add visual noise. I believe at one point we did have the inline confirmation copy when you entered something correctly, but then decided against it and just had the checkmark icon. What is tough is knowing the happy medium between informational copy and too much copy. After taking this class I believe we do pretty good job with microcopy. Take our error states for instance:


Here I believe it is 1) Specific by telling you what you have done wrong (it is not super specific as we would have too many error messages) 2) Contextual by having it under the textbox you have entered wrong 3) Polite by saying "Please". I suppose the second one could start by saying "Please try again," instead of the other way around 4) Helpful


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