MicroTours: adventures in a bigger world

MicroTours: adventures in a bigger world - student project

I wanted to design a site for a completely fictional startup. MicroTours is a company that shrinks people down to an inch high so that they can go on a highly unusual vacation in places that would otherwise be ordinary, such as a climbing aboard a trained caterpillar and embarking on a week-long safari in your own backyard garden. "Will I be stepped on by the mailman? Or eaten by a fire ant?" you ask. MicroTours' answer is: "Probably not."

The point is really just to have some creative fun with the content while trying to learn some good UI Design. As far as the my design itself goes, I wanted to use some simple, fun colors that pair playfulness with a marketing attraction that the whole family can appreciate. The layout is fairly similar to Party Starters, but it's my first web page design and I'm feeling things out.

There are a few things I'm working on: figuring out what to do with the available space below the text about MicroTours, and rethinking the header section of the site so that I can increase the size of the logo. I thought it was pretty simple looking during creation, but shrunken down a bit I see that it becomes almost unrecognizeable. If anyone has feedback on these or other areas, I'll be glad to hear it! Also, what's a reliable website I can find simple and free social media badges on?

MicroTours: adventures in a bigger world - image 1 - student project