MicroToilers: Social Micro Tasking Site

MicroToilers: Social Micro Tasking Site - student project

Micro Toilers is a new unique socila micro-working market place. Micro Working is any task which takes 1-3 minutes to finish and social micro-working on micro jobs related to social networks and other sites.

                       Website:             microtoilers.com

                        Mobile Android App:  Google Play Store Link

Right now I have classified users in two catogories.

1. Micro-Marketeer: where marketers has advantage of promoting their Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, SoundCloud Followers, ReverbNation Fans, Blog Commenting and other marketing products

2. Micro-Tasker: A Person who completes micro tasks such as Facebook Page Liking, Pinning on Pinterest, Tweeting and gets incentives to do this.

This is geared towards mid size companies and medium size marketers. I traget is that people will spend $5-$10 in acquiring facebook fans, twitter followers and other things.