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Micro-Managing Projects In Preparation For Halloween Function 2014

For just 24 hours every other 376 days the entire world seems to celebrates a meaningful tradition that's sparked from our ancestor and subliminally encourages individuality to the broad masses. This year our team has decided that rather than building another major event for an investor or a promoter that we ourselves would take on the task. Halloween has always been the one day that strays from the norm and promotes individuality but yet some of the biggest functions have shifted from traditional festivals to more Electronic based function that subliminally encourage drug use and drastically decrease bar sales. After almost 9 years of working in the music industry covering every aspect from promotions up to our current expertise bookings, we feel extremely confident with the decision we have made to embark in this new endeavour. Our aspiration is to utilize this class as a way to test a new work method that can be thought to our associates and low level interns. We also hope to enhance our workflow and organization through our entire division by outlining the current issues that current cause substantial setbacks. We strongly believe in enhancing the workflow of our operation while providing our staff with the most efficient tools to aid their success in every project.

We're currently in overwhelmed with the workload of projects that our company is currently involved with; four musicians, 1 producer, 1 house dj, 1 comedian & 4 on going tours. The MAIN problem is the ratio of workflow versus workload has stalled and is currently causing managing partners headaches. Each project has its own independent release schedule while the tours have specific deadlines that must be met. We hope this class can help us resolve our issue while increasing our workflow and allowing us to successfully execute ongoing ventures to free up time for our Halloween function.


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