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Michelle's interior styling project

Assignment 1:  Here is an image that I felt represented the 8 Principals of Interior Styling well.  Although there wasn't any glass or metallics, maybe the lion statue would qualify as bling?

Coffee table - before.  My coffee table is actually an old German steam trunk that I found at an antique store.  It is also great for storage.  One small limitation is the raised ribs--whatever I place on it has to go between the ribs or rest carefully over at least two of them.  This large brass tray balances well over the two middle ribs.  I found this little dish at a thrift store and store coasters in it.  I'd like to add more items to the coffee table since it looks a little too minimalist right now for my personal taste. 

Coffee table - before, another view:

Coffee table - before, another view:

Couch - before.  My neutral couch has served me well over the years.  I got the fabric for the printed pillows in Mali (West Africa), 20 years ago when I was doing volunteer work there.  Eventually I had my mom make me pillow covers with it.  Those pillows are staying.  I picked up the fabric for the plain pillows at a fabric store years ago.  They don't necessarily go with the wall now, so maybe I should swap them out, but I don't know where to start.

Couch - before, another view:

I don't have a credenza, so I would like to re-style the display on top of a small bookshelf.  The three elements just aren't going together as they are right now:

Bookshelf top vignette - before, another view:

Bookshelf top vignette - before, another view:

Bookshelves - before.  My bookshelves are very much about the books themselves, and not so much a vehicle to display other things.  However, I wouldn't mind adding more decorative items.

Bookshelf 1 - before:

Bookshelf 2 - before: (The books on this unit are all antique/vintage, except the second-from-the-top shelf.  I just couldn't get a head-on shot showing each of the shelves.)


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