Michelle's Night Photographs

ISO 100, f/14, 30 sec

Canon 500D, 18-55 kit lens, some editing in Lightroom.

This was shot from my back patio. I had wanted to go out walking and take some shots, but the rain and tornado alert kept me indoors. I'm not getting clarity, and I think that's mostly because of the wind, but any suggestions would be appreciated!


ISO 100, f/25, 8 sec

I was trying to get some light trails, and still seemed to get a little camera shake. How can I fix this? Also, should I have the camera on autofocus?

ISO 200, f/13, 30 sec

Perhaps I could have turned the ISO down? The lights seem to be overpowering.

ISO 200, f/13, 20 sec

I wanted to get more details in the stained glass. How can I improve this shot? Other than straightening out the orientation of the building?


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