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Michele Riedel's Haute Hair Candy


 Hi my name is Michele Riedel and I am a hairstylist and artist. This novel idea came to me slowly. I have always wanted to do something unique but what??? Well I have a love affair with boxes and I decides to start decorating them at the same time I started making hair pieces. Then my idea came to fruition why not use the hairclip as the decor on top of the box. Even if you didn't want to werar the hair clip you may just want the box. So this was the birth of Haute Hair Candi...decor for your couffere on top of a box!

Clarifying My Product Idea


DESCRITION: Beautiful and artisticly decorated boxes that the top of the box is a large hair ornament and inside the box are smaller hair barrettes and hairpins along with a matching hair tie and regular bobby pins which includes directions on how to wear the hair pieces.The boxes can contain all hair pieces or can be used for another purpose. Each hand made piece is signed and numbered with the date._________________________________________________________________________


These boxes will come in all shapes large and small and individual hair pieces.


Collection Bridal Fantasy $65-180

Collection Cirque ranges $45-65

Collection Mad Hatter $65-90

Collection DayDreams $25-35

Collection Notions $20-30

Collection  Baby Dolls  $20-30

Collection sweeties $6-14

Collection accentuals $7-15


Couture price upon consultaion



They catch the eye they are very exciting and pretty. But they also have a function and then they also can be used for special events. Also it is original no one else is doing it.


A women who is confident and doesn't mind having fun with her style and giving it a little twist. She is between the age of 16-40. She has expendable income this is a high end product. It is also an amazing gift for someone who has everything. Also perfect for bride's maid gifts

RESALE OUTLETS (i.e. stores, online channels etc.): QVC because of demonstrations. The  Kardashians for Sears , sending prototypes to stylists,  hairstlylist who do formal updo's for red carpet events, gift stores on the local front and trunk shows and getting a booth at market.

COMPETITORS:Know one is doing this but I am concerened everyone will be once it goes viral.

WHY MY PRODUCT STANDS OUT FROM THE COMPETITTION: _It is unique it is functional both at home and in the hair. It is pretty to look at and will draw peoples attention.

What needs tweaking in my project? Im having some difficulty with the clips. On the mad hatter I need to try a different base. I havent found a clip strong enough. On some of the others it gets tricky to open it. I have been trying different clips for the smaller ones. Sometimes the beads fall off I have used a glue gun. Sometimes I end up using to much material to patch and cover. Future design should address these isIsues.

What I look for in a manufacturer?

Ideally I would like to help people with jobs. If it was a small production I would get together some people or artists to manufacture the product. If it was a larger operation I would like to help some of the areas that have been hit hard by the economy or even out source to a village so they could have an income. Like in India or Africa.

I llike the idea of recycled materials. I used a lot in my prototype design.

I would want to be able to visit.

If it were to be in a factory I would only want to use one that treated employees properly and fairlly and paid them an acceptable wage.


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