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Michael's Typo

Week 02:

First attempts:

Here's my first quick try. I'm not happy with some of the letters but only had time for one itteration of a few of them. When I bunched it all together to see the name of the brand, I'm not very attracted to it. Maybe I'm not attracted to the typeface - maybe I'm not attracted to the name :(
I don't like the look of the smaller typeface at all - looks like it belongs to a bad Egyptian- or Greek- themed pokies venue/casino. Or a kebab van.

The motivation:

Ok so I went out one night and instead of concentrating on my friends and the tales of their respective weeks, my mind was fixed on handdrawn typography and my camera was snapping away. Shown here are the snaps that weren't as blurry as my mind or photobombed by my drunken friends.

And then there are endless examples to be found on the interwebs, so I collated a few of my favourites and quickly saw a theme emerge.

The above examples are by (clockwise from top-left): Mike Perry, Noor Alqahtani, Evan Hecox, Scott Albrecht.

I also finally got around to watching Helvetica - The Movie and found it to be mostly a bunch of sad people being sad. However - Matthew Carter (designer of Verdana) said that when designing a typeface he always begins with 'h', to decide if it is sans serif or serif, how the serif will look, ascender properties and the contrast of the letter. As 'h' is a straight letter, he then does an 'o' to establish his curves in comparion to the straight letters. Then a 'p' which is half straigh/half round and gives the descender properties. 'h' leads to 'n' and 'u', 'p' to 'q', 'd' and 'b', 'o' gives 'e' and 'c' and the alphabet slowly builds itself. This seems more logical to me than designing in an "abc" sequence. I'll give it a crack.

The motive:

I've just finished a degree in Landscape Architecture at a time where demand for Landscape Architects is as non-existent as demand for The Hangover Part 4. In my spare time (of which I have lots) I've been dabbling in my backyard, experimenting with concrete and coming up with a range of planters (which scream "Pinterest" - which is better than screams of "Regretsy!")

A little side-business. That's what I want to create my hand-drawn font for. I was thinking of calling the brand "Concrete Jungle" but if you have any better ideas I'd love to hear them.

This is my very first prototype. It's all wonky and imperfect but I'm still just a beginner! Practice makes progress, right?

Week 01:

In the beginning...

Here's my first bunch of shape sketches for the warm-up activity. It took every inch of my being not to turn every triangle in to an icecream cone. My reward for success....icecream in a cone :)


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