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Michael Trahan Design site

Hello, my site is www.michaeltrahandesign.com

It is a work in progress but I'm happy with what I was able to build fairly quickly. I wanted to keep the work (portfolio) page simple so the pieces could speck for themselves. I created a cover page with a bold background color and simple text to add a little pop to the site. 

I’m not completely happy with the about/contact page yet. I would like for it to have a little more personal look but I haven’t figured out how to do this best using the Avenue template. I’ll keep working on it!

At some point I will also add a blog to show personal projects and keep the site fresh and updated.

Thanks for any comments and feedback.



UPDATE 7/31/15

I finally have my contact/about page complete and I think it looks much better than the version I threw together at first. Adding the contact form helped fill in the empty space and it still looks nice if you are viewing the page on a phone or tablet. Thanks for the suggestion, George.

Now I can start working on a blog page! 



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