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Mychael Williams

Design by Myke



Miami Poster Remake By Heads of State Studio

For my project I found a clean and simple Miami poster by the Heads of State Studio. I really admired the ability to portray an iconic location with very simple colors and shapes.


The original is on the right and mine is on the left. It isn't yet finished but I've made much progress.

I started with the water, creating all 3 shapes seperately using the pen tool. 

Then I shaped the sand with the pen tool as well (I used the pen tool for almost all the design).

The buildings are the most intricate part of the design due to all the colors blending and such. At first I thought I could just set different amounts of transparency to each building.. But after some experimentation, I found that that wouldn't work well. So I am creating the blended sections with the rectangle tool and making them the proper color in order to create the illusion of transparent shapes blending colors.

Would love and appreciate and feedback, kudos, or comments!




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