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Mexico City

Mexico City — Downtown — around 7:30am; I noticed how few people and cars they were at that hour, so I started taking pictures from all over the place, I could even stand in the middle of the street.

I don't remember exactly how I got into this angle but I noticed the buildings aligned perfectly with the Latinamerican Tower (Tallest building) and snapped a few pictures from this angle using different settings. The best result was one where no people can be seen and shot in HDR. Here is the Original Shot:

iPhone 4s — HDR

First Version — VSCO Cam — LV3/LEVIS +8

I like crushing the blacks and fading a little the overall color when using VSCO Cam, I must say that I use the LV3/LEVIS filter a lot, becuase it makes the blus look really neat and gives a nice warmth look to the images. I really like the outcome since it makes it look like it's taken at dawn, it feels warm, and a bit retro. I tried to keep it really subtle with this edit. (that brick color in the building is awesome!)

VSCO Cam — LV3/LEVIS +8 —

Second Version — Snapseed — Retrolux

I use VSCO Cam to make nice pictures looke better — I used snapseed generally to correct bad pictures. So I wasn't quite sure where to start, since the image I took is in good condition, so I started playing aroung with some textures and gradients, and well, this is what came out:

I took care not to fade everything, keep a lot of detail and just give it a small retro fantasy touch to the mood.

Snapseed — Retrolux —

Third Version — VSCO Cam — B4/BW MOODY +12

While I was editing the second version on Snapseed I keep thinking about how the image would look with really hard faded colors and monochrome, so for this 3rd version I went back to VSCO Cam with a B4/BW MOODY preset and made things really harsh, strong shadows, strong sharpening, hard noise, and a heavy silhouette. At the end I was testings different options to maintain or not detail on the statue on the left, at the end this is the result I like the best.

VSCO Cam — B4/BW MOODY +12 —

I generally don't crop my pictures, I try to shoot the best composition I can, and when I do it's minimal. In this image, there are 3 elements in the shot which are all important for the composition, so... no cropping here.

To post uncropped images on Instagram I use InstaSquarer – — and most of the time I go with black or white background.

The version I like the most is the first edit, I think it looks really professional and clean, I'm a great fan of VSCO Cam. —

Thanks for viewing my project. Greetings :)


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