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Mexico City

Hello all,

I chose Mexico City as my favorite city because I've never been! I would love to visit so I approached my project from a "what would I love to see while there" point of view.

I'm a big fan of Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and traditional mexican dress and jewelry so my project focused on those items.

I used the outline of Mexico City, but focused on only two boroughs within it - Coyoacan and Cuauhtemoc.

I scanned in my sketches and placed into illustrator along with my tracing of the map.

I settled on my palette pretty quickly because I loved the dynamics between the red and black and white. And along with the font, it read old school to me...

I then traced over all of my sketches and even altered or changed some until I was pretty happy with the composition. I found that some of the details where a bit too busy like the print on the dress and my original Frida sketch so I ended up changing them.

This was my first time tracing everything like Lydia demonstrated. I usually would try to trace each item all at once and not break the shapes down enough which made it more difficult to keep track of oddly enough. I will use this method from now on. Thanks Lydia!

I added color and a little more text to the rest of the illustration then took it over to photoshop to add some texture.

Although my speech bubbles appear a little tricky to read, overall I'm still really satisfied with how my favorite city illustration turned out :-).  

I had a lot of fun learning photoshop in this class as I very rarely leave illustrator to add textures to my work.  Learning about adjustment layers was an eye opener!  Thanks Lydia!


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