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Mexican doll + Necklace

I'm a begginer and I don't own any equipment for taking pictures, just my camera, and I realize with this project that I don't have any lamps at my home that can help me for taking pictures, so in both pictures I used natural light...
I know I need to practice more, the Class has been very effective to me, and I learned new things...

I chose this handmade doll from my country because I wanted my picture to be very colorfull.. You can see where the sun comes from, so I need more practice and another lamp to correct that mistake.

I want to start my own jewelry store, so I use a necklace to the second picture, it was a little difficult to take this picture because the necklace it's made with wire, so it moves and I couldn't have a perfect circle, but I'm happy because I got the white I wanted in the background...

Thankss for watching my project ;)


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