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Ce Cruz






I'm a big fan of sci-fi, so when I saw this poster I couldn't resist it:


Maybe I'm too optimistic, it seems to be very difficult. I'm not new at illustrator, but neither I'm an expert...Anyway, I will give it a try.

Also, I found that it is the world's most valuable movie poster up for auction. Such a valuable thing! :-)


I'm only concerned about shapes right now. 

I started with the background. First of all I draw the buildings. Each one is formed by one, two or three independent rectangles, because I think this way it will be easier to use different colors on different sides. Then I draw in another layer the lights in the sky and used a third layer for the flashlights in the front. Next step will be the robot. Can't wait!

Any advise you could give me will be well received. Thank you in advance! 



Too early to start with the robot. I decided to draw the letters. Also, I worked on the buildings and the sky using gradients. Still a lot of work to do!



I've just finished it, after a year! It was horrible, too difficult for my level. But yep, I've learned a lot of things!

Starting by how to use gradients, which I used for the buildings. I tried to do the same with the face, but the result was scary (as you can see below). But I discovered this tool, gradient mesh is called, used for such things. So I had to figure out how it works. You can compare and see my progress here:



Finally I added textures. I did this with Photoshop, because in addition to a paper texture I wanted to add brush strokes to exaggerate the vintage look. I had no idea how to do that with Illustrator. I have to investigate further, but for now I am satisfied with what I've learned! I hope you like it!



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