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I'm going to be working on layout for my surrealist cardgame / boardgame / RPG hybrid, Metrofinál.

This is the premise:

The Assassin has murdered this world of suffering, garroting it with the crimson thread called desire. As the world dies, the parts worth saving depart along the Night Road, which pours from the fatal wound toward the World to Come.

Since mortal minds cannot rightly conceive of the end times, we choose to imagine the hustle and bustle of those departing as a crowded day on the metro in Santiago, Chile.

In these twilight hours, eight chosen saints and bodisattvas—Those Who Tarry at the Door—scour Santiago’s subway stations, searching for those who will birth the next world and exposing the mechanations of asuras and demons.

The game, for 4-8 players, will consist of a number of different types of cards:

1. rules cards, covered mostly in text that explains the rules of the game (these are distributed to the players and read aloud at the table, so each player only has a portion of the rules)

2. map cards, which are placed next to each other to create a subway map of the Santiago underground

3. station cards, which provide information on each station on the map

4. character cards, representing one of the 16 saints and bodhisattvas (8 Those Who Tarry at the Door + 8 Those Who Come in the Night).

I suspect that the cards will end up being square, but I'm not 100% sure at this point.

Excited to get started!


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