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Meteorite Strikes

I followed through with the project and decided I wanted to play around with the visualization of the markers.

I first gave each instance a fixed black circle just to pinpoint them all on the map. The scattered points might be hard to see at the scale of this image, but clusters are very evident- like in Oman, North Africa, and central US. 

For the representation of meteorite mass, I wanted something with a bit more depth. I tried out a gradient effect of sorts to the area of the circle by sectioning the radius in constant increments.

I achieved this by adding this inside the for( ) loop after defining the markerSize:

for(int j=0; j<markerSize; j=j+20) {
  fill(0, 100, 200, 20);
  ellipse(graphLong, graphLat, j, j);

The only thing about this is that meteorites under a certain mass don't get an area marker. My logic is that in relation to the largest of the meteorites, the small ones can be deemed negligible. 

The text markers also point to the center of the circle to emphasize the location of the meteorite strike.


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