Metal Explosion

Metal Explosion - student project

Really stuggling with the digitizing process. Just uploading what I've done so far. Need to add some patterns. Flesh out the amps. Add some texture to everything.

Metal Explosion - image 1 - student project

=== Update 5/31

Metal Explosion - image 2 - student project

=== Update 5/27 --- Updated sketch

Getting close to starting the digitizing process.

Metal Explosion - image 3 - student project

--- ^^ 3/25 ---

This image will focus on the stock of a guitar being played by Zakk surrounded by some unslighly number of marshall amps. If that isn't loud I don't know what is.

I want this to be super wide-angle (which will be a challenege for me, but I think it'd look super cool).

Here's my initial sketch (VERY ROUGH):

Metal Explosion - image 4 - student project

I've started a pintrest board with some influences:

Here's my wordmap that lead me to this concept.

Metal Explosion - image 5 - student project