Metadata reel - Fida Shireen

Metadata reel - Fida Shireen - student project

Hi Victoria, thank you for your informative sessions.It was very useful for me to improve my skill as a metadata curator. please go through my work and let me know your valuable feedback.


Metadata reel - Fida Shireen - image 1 - student project

Description: Man hiking alone on green mountain with blue sky on sunny day

Keyword: Trekking,green,mountain,grass,stone,path,landscape,walking,wanderlust, blue,cloud,happy,hill, sunny, adventure, backpack, male,hiker, alone, nature, travel, scenic, solo,beautiful.

Metadata reel - Fida Shireen - image 2 - student project

Description: White dream catcher with turquoise stone hanging on a tree,slow motion

Keyword: Dream catcher, spirituality,hanging,culture,feathers,art,mystery,sunlight,hippie, white,ornament,tree,symbol,craft,decoration,dream,handmade,Indian, peace,turquoise,luck,hope,beautiful,circle.

Metadata reel - Fida Shireen - image 3 - student project

Description:Sunset behind buildings reflecting on water silhouette of leaves foreground 

Keyword: River,sunset,buildings,silhouettes,city,urban sunset,sunlight,red sky,time lapse,tree,lake,reflection,water,dark,red,scenic, beautiful,peaceful,no people, nobody,dusk, 4K, black, plants, orange, evening.