Metadata Project - Joost

Hi Victoria,

Thank you for this class! It was very helpful and I even made a little short list of steps to remind myself to get the best descriptions and keywords possible. Obviously, it will get better with more practice. 

I almost have 800 clips online, 330 self curated and the others are done by someone else to safe me time. Now with all the lockdowns, I might just start doing a bit more myself.

Here are my 3 clips.


Anchor on the beach:

Metadata Project - Joost - image 1 - student project 

Anchor laying on tropical beach while tranquil waves roll in - medium shot

anchor, shore anchoring, sand, sand anchor, beach, waves, mooring, line, Fiji, shore, shore line, tranquil, peaceful, coastline, maritime, rope, nautical, steel, chains, shells, sandy, stainless steel, small anchor, heavy, iron, water, Drawaqa Island, Yasawa, 4K, close up, nature, sea, tropical, safety, simplicity, travel destinations, nobody


Boulder Coral:

Metadata Project - Joost - image 2 - student project

Stunning boulder coral underwater in tropical sea of Fiji, close up slow motion

boulder coral, coral, conservation, underwater, reef, tropical, sea, Fiji, close up, slow motion, slowmo, slomo, ocean, Colpophyllia, Mussidae, monotypic, stony, large-grooved, nature, colonies, closely, global warming, endangered, climate change, marine life, under the sea, creatures, water, change, natural, ecosystem, science, biodiversity, life, climate, tropics , pacific, habitat, environmental


Coconut Trees Metadata Project - Joost - image 3 - student project

Slowly swaying coconut trees on a clear day with gorgeous clouds in background in Fiji

coconut tree, coconut, Fiji, swaying, wind, cloud, day, daylight, background, tilt up, slow, sway, beautiful, nature, tropical, breeze, grow, botanical, palm, clear, tall, tourism, destination, holiday, vacation, wonderful, calm, relaxing, blue, outdoor, green, tree, leaf, plant, tropic, exotic, growth, sunlight, 4K, travel destinations, low angle


Thank you for taking the time to give feedback!


I hope you and your family are all safe and healthy during these crazy times.

All the best.