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Messy roommate

For my project, I wanted to make a pictogram to encourage my roommate to clean up after himself. I know it is a bit selfish but it is an issue I've been trying to deal with for some time and I wanted to spend some time doing something I like to do and combine it with something I must cope with on a daily basis.

At first I was thinking of doing two or three pictograms but I decided to try one first and then do the other two if this one shows to be effective.

First off I started with some thumbnail sketches of what bothers me like leaving trash everywhere, not cleaning the dishes, not cleaning the counter and the stove after cooking, etc. I also made some sketches of the proces alone - what  should be done.


Later on I deciced which sketch I like the most or just which one gets the message trough the most. I then analized the elements, to see if they needed tune ups and later proceeded to Illustrator.


The final stage was making my pictogram in a vector program like Adobe Illustrator.

This is my final outcome, I hope you all like it and use it for reminding your messy rommates to clean after themselves ;)



Jure Pogacnik


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