Messy Sketchbook Without Fear

Messy Sketchbook Without Fear - student project

Oh, I had so much fun watching through this class and I've been itching to make a project. I've been working my way through a simple 100-day project, just 100-days of painting for ten minutes, and last night I just wanted to let loose a little. It seemed like a perfect chance to try a thing or two I learned in the class. I started by blacking out the page in my messy sketchbook (it's just an old book about the Rockies) since I'm a rule breaker and didn't feel like using white. Also what was under there was not great, so smooshing black paint over it felt very cathartic. Off too a great start. 

Messy Sketchbook Without Fear - image 1 - student project
I had a reference image of a Fairy Castle Cactus waiting in the wings because I really just like that they are called fairy castles. In the spirit of drawing without fear, I only sketched the pot, and I didn't sketch the cactus at all. It was very fun making the shapes of all the little cactus arms! 

I was a little terrified on the prickly bits on my cactus, I wasn't sure how to make them look the way I wanted but that was okay because I just reminded myself that it had to be fun, so I grabbed my posca paint pens and started making dots. It was meditative and lovely. When I wasn't sure how to make contrast, I just switched colours, and when I looked and noticed that the ridges of the cactus weren't showing I just plopped down some paint and started dry brushing everywhere. I didn't use most of Catherine's brilliant techniques this time, but they will always be in my back pocket when I need them. 

Messy Sketchbook Without Fear - image 2 - student project

Overall, I had a brilliant time painting. I always have such a hard time getting my butt in the chair, but once I'm there, generally you can't get me to stop. I loved blacking out the page especially and I think I will be doing that again. It's fun to think how colours show up on a black background as opposed to a white, and I love how it POPS! I also just love having a tidied sketchbook full of things that bring me joy so blacking ver the pages I hate is so freeing! I'll definitely be doing it again. 

And now that I am finished painting, I've tidied my desk and refilled my paint water so that I'm ready for the next session. 

Messy Sketchbook Without Fear - image 3 - student project