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Messy Mushroom!

This class was really great and inspiring! Thank you so much for making it! 

3 Words to describe myself:




I chose cheerful because I feel that I'm a happy and positive person. Gamer because I LOVE video games. Especially love playing my PS4. (Just finished the Witcher 3 expansion Blood and Wine and OMG it was amazing.) Messy, because I'm very messy... O_o

I was playing around with basic shapes for a while and I started liking this mushroomy shape so I decided to go with a cheerful, messy, gamer girl mushroom person. I'm pretty happy with the final drawing, I think she came out kinda charming. To make her look more feminine I gave her a bow. To make her look more messy I gave her a bag of dirt chips (Soil Crisps), that she was messily eating and dropped some chips and crumbs on the floor.



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