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Gracelle Mesina

Nuthin' but a g-thang, baby.



Mesina Family Crest

This was such a rad project do to. Thank you Mr. Aaron Draplin for the brief!

Representing the Mesina Family! To start off, didn't get to meet 3/4 grandparents, so I just focused this project on my parents, siblings and me. This took about 8 hours to complete; I'm quite the perfectionist. Anyways, scroll down for the mish-mash of my process and visual exploration up to the final result.


Lost in translation? The non-English looking words are of the Tagalog language. "Ang Pamilya Mesina" means The Mesina Family, and "Laging Huli" means Always late.

Played around some more with colour, stroke and form based on feedback I received from friends and kind strangers. Shifted from pills to represent "remedy" and went for the band-aid and heartbeart thing. I feel like the style is inconsistent but from this, I now realize how I might want it to look like...

Here, I went on a weird route by isolating the background patterns in the crest and kept it "stoke-y". Could be used in a large-scale screenprint poster perhaps?

Update – pretty stoked on how this turned out. Showed this to my parents and they were in complete denial with our slogan about being late and all, but my sisters had no objections.

If you have any questions and feedback, please comment below!


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