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Mervyn - Sassy, Wiggly and Confident PT III

Thanks for a great series of videos. Lots of fun and got me movtivated to create a character. Ohhh Mervyn... you sassy, wiggly, confident beasty.

After in inking with a pentel brush pen and a sharpie fine point, importing into the computer and converting to a vector, I tried out colors in Illustrator. Since one of the adjectives I chose was wiggly, It hought the best way to color was to try and use complimentary colors adjacent to one another. For "confident", I used flat, bold, primary colors. "Sassy" comes more out of the illustration.

Here is my first color test.


I decide on the magenta/blue version. I liked the boldness of the black lines.


Recently, I got a new computer where I can draw directly on the screen with a stylus. So I thought I'd use Mervyn to try it out. I scanned sketches into photoshop. Then, using the stylus, I drew/painted them directly in Photoshop. These aren't quite as bold, but they turned out lots of fun and are still pretty "sassy" and "wiggly".... and add "fussy" to this one


More wiggly for this one


And here's a truly sassy version


and just plain old Mervyn


Thanks again for a great set of videos. Really got me thinking about color. Great tips on inking and a great approach by picking the three adjectives to get started. 


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