Merry Motif

I'm starting a small shop where I sell scarves, bowties, and other handmade goodies, so I'll be designing a logo for that!  I'm a little in between on what I should name it, but Merry Motif is the strongest contender so far! 

Following is my first attempt at a logo for Merry Motif (Sorry for the fuzzyness, my cell phone was closest):

I've numbered my favourites for referance. 

1) Okay, I just really like this because it's a smiley face. It's kind of silly, kind of fun.  Once refined, though, I think it will be easily idenified and copied onto different materials.

2) This attempt was my first try at adding an actual motif into the logo.

3) Just a mirror on the 'M's.

4) Another way I tried to work a motif into the logo.

5) An improvement on #4, I envision the triangles being coloured, with the 'M' parts being bold and dark.


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