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Tasha Jaeger

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Merrill, WI

I'm going to be doing a card for my small hometown of Merrill.  I might even end up doing a series, as there are several fun local landmarks that would lend themselves to this style.  Here's my pin board of inspiration.

I really liked the perspective in some of my inspirations so I wanted to incorporate that into my design, rather than go with a more flat design; I love how three-point perspective makes things seem large (and the future is always large).

Merrill has several buldings that I thought would work for this project, including our local movie theater, a local fast food place, the former City hall, and the courthouse.

Movie theater

Fast food

Former city hall


I decided to go with the courthouse as it seemed the most iconic of the local landmarks (but if I decide to make a series of this I'll probably go back and do the others as well).

I simplified the arcitecture as much as possible while trying to maintain the distinctiveness of the building. I then went back to my resources and picked elements that I thought would lend a futuristic feel to it.


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