Mermaid's Coin on Etsy

Mermaid's Coin on Etsy - student project

Thanks for another really interesting class! Gosh. Where to start. Launching your own business is so fun but I struggle with wanting to be able to do everything at once, and with two young kids, I have to be strategic about what I do now and what has to wait. I create limited edition etching and watercolour artworks and have branched into prints quite recently.

I started Mermaid's Coin when I started my maternity leave in 2013. Things were really slow when I had my second, as you'd imagine! But, July this year I sat down, wrote a business plan and have been powering through in a more methodical way.

This was my initial logo: WHOA! I resized these but they are still filling the screen. :P

Mermaid's Coin on Etsy - image 1 - student project

This is a sand dollar, or 'mermaid's coin' and its a scan of one of my early etchings. Recently I felt I needed some rebranding, in line with running out of business cards. More through lack of time than anything else, I grabbed one of my newer artworks and have been using that for the last few weeks. Here it is:

Mermaid's Coin on Etsy - image 2 - student project

I feel this is far more reflective of my current work. I use a lot of colour and my whole brand is centred around beach and surf art. I've just finished adding it to my eNews template, my etsy shop, packaging stickers, my invoices, but should probably put it on my website!!

Here's my shop front:

I really want to do a flatlay/desktop view header that is colourful and busy, but it's way down the list of priorities. Along with more cohesive page headers on my website. For now, this ink and watercolour sketch fits the bill.

Mermaid's Coin on Etsy - image 3 - student project

This year is the first year I've preempted Christmas by releasing my first collection of Christmas cards. It's been a steep learning curve and I'm still trying to find a print process that gives me colours that are true to my originals/scans. So that is high priority at the moment too.

Mermaid's Coin on Etsy - image 4 - student project

I'll definitely be checking out the vids by Renae Christine. Thanks for the tip! This looks really relevant to me right now.

Next year I'll be reviewing my pricing at the beginning of the year: my framed originals need to be more expensive now to accommodate increases in framing costs and consignment fees now that I have a few more stockists.

I also hope to be more responsive to seasonal trends. if you want to check out my shop! 

Thanks again!

Hannah Katarski

Illustrator and Painter