Mermaid (no pen tool)

Mermaid (no pen tool) - student project


I started with a sketch (trying to use simple shapes):

Mermaid (no pen tool) - image 1 - student project

I mostly used the 'unite' and 'minus front' shape modes (I don't think I'm entirely clear on the difference between shape modes and pathfinders but I just tried the different options until I got the results I wanted).

I tried a lot of different shapes for the bra, but the one I enjoyed the most was to use the star shape and tweak the live corners and move the tips to get a more 'starfish' look.

I'm quite new to Illustrator but this course was really accessible and definitely made me want to explore more!

Final result 

Mermaid (no pen tool) - image 2 - student project

Camille L
Illustrator in progress