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Mermaid Tail Blanket (Part 1 - Tail, Also A 2-Ways Scarf)

Hi everyone,

First series of classes going to come out soon. I am not sure Part 1 of the series should use a final project as the cover picture or should I used the finished project for the first class.

I am doing a serial of crochet classes and this class will be the 1st of the mermaid tail blanket series. In part 1, I will teach how to make the tail, which is also a 2-ways scarf, do you think I should use the whole blanket as cover photo or should I focus on 2-ways scarf? I couldn't decide which one make more sense or draw the audience attention better. Really need some help. Will you pick picture 1 or picture 2? Any help will be appreciated.

Pic 1


Pic 2


Hi everyone,

This is Ling, I just published my first Culinary class, ( I got 3 other crafts classes published in the previous months). I am hanging on which cover image is better for this class, which one catch your eyes the most?

Pic 1


Pic 2


Pic 3


I also need some help for the intro video, I taped my last into video intended on using it in the future crafts and culinary classes, hoping to cross promote the classes and let the students know a little bit about me. But the crafts part in the intro video seems like a little out of place in a culinary class, should I cut the craft part out of the video? Here is my intro on Youtube, thanks in advance for any suggestions. I really appreciated it. 


This is Ling. Just published my 3rd class Simply Crochet - Big and Easy Basket. I am planning on doing a series of simply crochet, simply knitting and simply cooking classes. Thinking about making something very simple to begin a series, then as the series continue, the skills will become more advanced and students can combine the skills learned from class 1 to class 10 to make something that can put together into a grant project. Still brain storming and would love any feedback.

By the way, after published the 3rd class, I found some tips hopefully will help you too.

[Updated.] Three times a charm, this time I took much less time filming and doing voice over. It was technical issues cause me the time of delay on class publishing.

I found filming the second class take less time and I feel a little easier speaking while video taking. It was very unnatural for me to speak in front of people, no less in a second language. I noticed that if I imagined talking to a friend make my voice sounded way more natural and smoothly.

For the first class, I redo the voice over like a 100 times, probably more. The second class isn't perfect but I imagined showing a friend how to make the scarf while video taping, which made the speech sounding much more natural and I was able to use the tape as is after like 10 takes (it was a big improvement for me).

Hope this update will help the new teachers feeling unease in front of camera like I did (still do) while filming the class or doing voice over. I just published my 2nd class Simply Crochet - Quick and Easy Scarf, teaching how to make a quick and easy gender neutral scarf that fits everyone.

My first class is Simply Crochet - Finger Crochet Scarf.

If you have any comment or suggestions, please share with me. Thank you.


My First Class: Simply Crochet - Finger Crochet Scarf, teach how to finger crochet a quick and easy scarf, no crochet hook needed.


Outline of my first class: (click the link below)

Trailer video link:

Re-edited version of trailer:

Comment and suggestions are welcomed. Thank you.

[About me:

I love fiber arts and have been knitting and crocheting since I was 7 years old. I am a cooking, crafting and lifestyle blogger, sharing recipes and patterns.   

Handmade crafts are amazing, they are unique and represent love and blessing when giving as a gift. I found myself inspired by so many talented artists and want to inspire others as well, hope I will achieve that on Skillshare.


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