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Angelea W.

Intuitive Design,Illustrator+Spiritual Teacher



Mermaid Love

Theme: I wanted to do my own rendition of the little mermaid. I love merpeople and did some take a tiny bit of time looking up images,but the reality is just started drawing.I didn't want to get to caught up in looking for inspiration and not drawing which happens a lot with me.



I used some sketch pencils and rubber eraser I had lying around. To outline, I used Papermate flair fine tip pen. I used some watercolor paints I picked up at Walmart nearly a year ago.I was so happy to finally use them.





Initially I went with a bigger dorsal fin but decided to change it to a smaller one I felt drawn to it although this type of fin is a bit smaller I liked it.


I love that this class really inspired me to get back drawing which is something I have vowed to do for months. I felt so intimidated before I can barely draw a circle correctly,but I loved drawing as a child,glad to have a finished product. I def want more watercolors I loved using them to finish my drawing.

Loved the class.


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