Merit Bags

Merit Bags - student project

Merit Bags is line of modular bags and accessories focussed on addressing the needs of short and medium distance bicycle commuters. Merit Bags flagship product will be a fully customizable bandolier-style sash, to which any of Merit Bags’ attachments can easily be added. The value in the product is also what makes it unique: it can be fully customized and configured to do exactly what a commuter needs, and none of what they don’t.

Price Point:

Merit Bags will be sold in several configurations, but I have a few core price points in mind. There will be a basic “starter pack” that will include the bandolier and 3-4 of the most useful attachments (ie, cell-phone pocket, wallet, small pouch and U-lock carrier) which ideally will fall in the range of $60-85, making it competitive with other commuting bags. Depending on manufacturing costs and functionality, attachments should fall in the range of $10-25 each.

Materials and Manufacturing:

I am committed to using American-made materials whenever possible and keeping manufacturing in the US if possible. I am also interested in recycled materials if they are available. I think that these value propositions are shared by the target consumer for my product and will serve to distinguish the product and give it more of a “high-end” credibility.

Product Sketches:

“Base” Strap

Merit Bags - image 1 - student project

Shown with various attachments

Merit Bags - image 2 - student project

I plan on building a cardboard prototype this week to better figure out materials needed and quantities, but ideally the bag will be predominantly constructed of waxed canvas and nylon webbing.