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Tochi Galdiano

Graphic designer + illustrator




In Argentina we have our very own version of afternoon tea: merienda. Since our food culture consists in four meals a day, merienda plays an important part in our everyday lives.
It's tipically had around 5pm through 7pm and it consists in a warm or cool drink and lots of baked goods, specially croissants and "criollos" (little square butter scone-like things). 
Merienda is also a time to gather with friends and family. The meal is usually centered around our national infusion: mate. It's a type of strong green tea (the leaves are called "yerba") and it's drinked from a gourd-like container with or without sugar. If it's a gathering, the meal is usually potluck style: everybody brings their favourite homemade baked good or freshly baked from a patisserie.

For me, since I work from home, merienda is the end of my workday. I use it to ease my mind, engage in refreshing conversation and maybe get the energy I need for the rest of the evening.

Since I usually spend this time at home with my family, here are the key words I had for this shoot:

  • Home
  • Cozy
  • Warm 
  • Traditional

We're right in the middle of summer, here in Argentina. So this means lots of lighter food and cool drinks.
While my mum had her mate, I had some iced tea.
Inspired by Marte Marie, I made some whole weat Norwegian waffles. We paired them with traditional Argentine quince jam and cream cheese.




The insights given in this class were very helpful! Very excited to keep practicing them while documenting our lives and including them in my photography business :)


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