Meredith tries her very bessst!

So I've finally found the quote I want to work on! Here are a few first rough drafts and where I keep running into problems:

  • Word spacing and layout. I try to take it slow and steady, but it just looks like an incoherent mess by the end. Some words are too far away, others are too close together; should I do the layout in pencil first?
  • Connecting letters. I practice and practice and feel good but then when it comes to the "real work," I have all of these starting and stopping gaps in the hairlines as I try to connect letters.
  • Consistency. I want my letters to be rounder and happier (?) looking and while some are getting there, others are just so ... ugh.
  • Spelling! Ahaha. You know as you get into it and you're so focused on your downstrokes and hairlines that you end up skipping letters in the easiest of words? Yeah. Hate that!
  • Crossbars and (well in this piece, a lack of) flourishes. I've been at this for two months and I still really suck at those bits.
  • Being overly crtical of myself. ;) I always think everyones else's work is brilliant!!

And here are just some sheets from earlier practice sessions (all done with the nikko g):

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated! :) (Sorry these pictures are so rubbish!)


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