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Mercer Goods

Mercer is an American made lifestyle brand located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  At Mercer our goal is to constantly improve both ourselves and our products to become better prepared for all situations life may throw our way.

With inspirations ranging from Pharrell Williams to George Washington, Mercer seeks to be at the intersection of fashion and function.

New products added monthly.

Cut and sew line coming Summer 2014.

Why Mercer?

I get the question, "What's Mercer mean?" or "Where did Mercer come from?" a lot.  Here's my best answer:

When I started Mercer, I was walking around lower New York City trying to think of what direction I wanted to take the brand.  As I was crossing the street I looked down to notice cobblestone under my feet.  The cobblestone instantly made me think of a famous road in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia called Monument Avenue (Monument Avenue is the only road in the nation that is listed on the register of national historic places).  I looked up to see what street this was in SoHo, and it turned out to be Mercer Street.  I then went and did a little bit of research on Mercer street, and it turned out that it is the old district where people would sell garments and fabrics.  Combining the history of the street, it reminding me of home, and just liking the name, "Mercer" -- I decided it would be my brand, and that's how Mercer was chosen.  

Originally I wanted to own a boutique, but I realized a brand is more my direction.  If the brand does well, I could curate my own store that carries my brand as well as others (a la Reed Space.. #OrchardStreet)

My brand is in the process of having its first run of button down shirts made.  The production is being done locally, and that's something I stand behind.  I realize that I can make a lot more overseas, but I value being 15 miles from where my shirts are being made. 

While waiting for the production to be done, I am releasing a new screen printed product each month.  

I've also been dabbling in making my own bags.. What do you guys think?


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