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Men's Style Blog

This was a project to create a blog that focused on men's fashion and gadgets, similar to

I was hired on a daily basis, gun for hire, although I did have creative control until the ACTUAL owner came forth and began to dictate changes through my client/contact.

I was negotiated down to two days work, with an additional day added later to make changes.

I could have positioned myself better by focusing on the business the client wanted to create, and not the actual blog. There were many opportunities to discuss the advertisting model they wanted, and social media strategies (although I did set up Facebook for them).

The proxy-pain was a project to create a blog. The real pain was an additional revenue source (from ads). They imposed a short timeframe for the site to prove itself.

Some blogs do earn substantial income, enough to pay one person's salary. I guess they could have earned $5000 or more a month if the site became popular.


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