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Mendoza in Vendimia

Sketching and searching

So for this project (my first project on Skillshare) I first started looking for inspiration on colour palettes, forms and linework. I knew I wanted to do a postcard from Mendoza, and since we had our Vendimia on this month, I wanted to pay tribute to our amphitheatre Frank Romero Day. The difficult thing about it is that the architecture changes EVERY YEAR, as you can see in these examples, and this year was the first year ever to have a tri-dimensional background ( bad for me huh ).

So i started sketching some ideas, and because this years Vendimia show was called "Postales de un oasis que late" (Postcards from a heartbeating oasis?) I thought that would be perfect for the project.

In a quick explanaition,

Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia (The Grape Harvest Festival) takes place annually in Mendoza City, Argentina. It is one of the most important festivals in the country, attracting large numbers of tourists to the region. It is a world-renowned celebration of wine and the winemaking industry,

Each of the 18 departments in Mendoza Province prepare for the festival in the early months of the year. The main event occurs in the first week of March in Mendoza featuring hundreds of dancers and performers, the selection of a "Reina Nacional de la Vendimia" (National Vendimia Queen) and a large fireworks display.

So, when I started my proyect in Illustrator, I sketched a few concepts: wine, queens, fireworks and the amphitheater.

Unfortunately I couldn't fit all of that in the postcard, so I finally decided for a simple design

I hope you like it!


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