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Men v. Women in the New York Times


For this project we hoped to get a clear picture of journaistic gender bias in one of the most iconic newsapers of all time: The New York Times. From what we saw, journalists who identified as Female typically wrote less articles, and were farther back in the sections that they were in, instead of on the front page. To further this research, we could include racial bias of the men and women writing. But as it is now, we realsied that women were not a majority in any section of the newspaper, but were especially lacking in the section for Art. To get this data we went through an issue of the New York Times by hand and highlighted the names of journalists and looked them up to determine their gender. We then created a Google Sheets file and included the name of the reporter, their gender, the section in which they were found, and the page on which they appeared. From this we were able to extract our improtant data and reach our conclusion of obvious gender bias in the New York Times. 


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