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Men Walk On Moon

A year or so ago I got this cool book from the 80's that is New York Times page 1s from the 20's to 80's. I have plans of removing some of the pages and block printing on them. But it crossed my mind the book would be cool for this too.

It was hard to pick a theme as the pages ranged from war, to assassinations, to elections, to space. But I thought it would be fun to do a piece on the first moon landing given there are some theories it was faked.

Here is one of the scans of the page for the background:


After that I wrote out the headline again with a question mark and printed on a page a few times. I figured this way I'll get multiple different results from one scan and it might cut down on the scan time a bit.



Once I was done scanning I brought it into photoshop and played around a bit. I added a subtle halftone and made the question mark a bit subtle.

Overall it was a lot of fun and I will be using these methods in band tee designs in the future I'm sure. It's a blast!

Final Design:


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