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Memphis Innovation Bootcamp Rebranding

Moving into vector:

This next idea is approaching a new direction. The idea was to take a more broad approach to the branding to allow for growth and expansion outside of the bootcamp aspect. This rebranding is more in line with the mission, vision, and long term goals of the organization.

A few more concepts

After receiving all of the responses to the survey I sent out, I started writing up a recap of the themes and points of tension. I will follow up with the principles with my findings, along with a mood board to discuss visual brand direction.

Some early brainstorming concepts based on the feedback from the survey.

My first step in this project was to send a questionnaire to key members of the organization. Below are some of the questions I asked. (I used Survey Monkey to create and share the survey.)

1. What is your relationship to the Memphis Innovation Bootcamp?


2. For Founding Members: what was your primary motivation in starting the Memphis Innovation Bootcamp?

3. For Founding Members: What would you say the mission of the Memphis Innovation Bootcamp is? Please do not copy and paste from the website ;)

4. For Founding Members: Where do you see the Memphis Innovation Bootcamp being in 3-5 years as an organization?

5. Before attending or becoming involved with the bootcamp what were your initial perceptions of the bootcamp?


6. Did you participate in the bootcamp?

7. How would you describe your experience with the bootcamp?

8. How would describe the Memphis innovation bootcamp to other people?


9. What aspect of the bootcamp would you consider to be the most impactful? Why?


10. If you had only three words to describe the bootcamp what would they be?

The Memphis Innovation Bootcamp is a non-profit organization seeking to educate community and business leaders in Memphis in the methodology and practices of design thinking. The bootcamp is modeled after the Stanford's bootcamp, and has been endorsed by the as well. Most of the facilitators have attended the bootcamp or practice the design thinking framework as part of their jobs.

The current branding (logo and system) is in need of some serious help. As an organization promoting innovation and trying to attract community and business leaders it needs a brand that appeals to that audience, and conveys the legitimacy and experience that the facilitators bring to the table.

The goal for this project would be to create a strong visual identity system that can be maintained internally. Because this is a mostly volunteer organization there is not a lot of time to devote to maintaing and updating brand collateral.

I love their tagline, "Failure. The birthplace of brilliance," and feel that it is truly reflective of their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Below is a screenshot of the current website, which is hosted on the University of Memphis website. This is misleading as the Bootcamp is an independent organization and the only tie it has to the university is the space it uses for the 3day bootcamp.


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