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Memory house-The Slideshow Effect

"Memoryhouse is a dream pop and chillwave music group formed in 2010 in Toronto. The band is signed to Sub PopTheir sound has been described as similar to that of Beach House". I believe this kind of music comes from dreams, and i'm really interested on redesign the last album because the band have improve on their music style and it resumes the essence of what they want to keep from past and how they have gone beyond.

Other reason I'm choosing this new album is that this songs combines this part of human that is still a child, so that gaves me some ideas of how to create illustrations about it.


"The new album is titled The Slideshow Effect. The title speaks to what hasn’t changed for Memoryhouse: their continuing interest in the synthesis of the aural and the visual. It refers to the photographic/cinematic technique of zooming and panning to animate still images, often used in documentary film making to give movement to archival photographs."

Here i'm going to show you the albums, some songs from past and the latest.

Moodboard and colors

WRITTEN CONCEPT: Guelph a mid-size town on Southern Ontario is also known as the city of music  , this place Is where memoryhouse was conceptualized, for this reason i decided to keep this landscape as the cover. I choose some representations of that place, the first one is the deer and the second one the landscape with big mountains. The scale are made a little bit of indie colors,  like and autum scale. Finally, i have choosen a tree as a representation of past of time.

The slideshow effect is basically the idea of the past of the time and that ideas that they keeps in mind from old their times.


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