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Angus W.

Creative from Sydney



Memories of Granny Pat

I started thinking about childhood memories and initially started a project around some goats that my father bought for our farm, but then I discovered that I'm terrible at drawing goats.

So I decided to draw some other memories of my grandmother - or granny, as she demanded to be known! She was a glamourous and bold woman, and I hope some of that has come across in my comic. 

First, some rough notes:


And some thumbnails of panel layout and framing:


I then moved onto the iPad to lay out the panels, and to sketch and ink my panels. 


Followed by inking and shading to give us the final comic (right click and view in a new tab / window if it's too small to read!):


Some thoughts on the process:

Because I was working with individual frames on the iPad, the line weights are inconsistent. 

Writing the text was a real challenge – I wanted it to have lots of character, but most of my early attempts were too messy. 

I really enjoyed this process and will definitely make more. Thanks for the class



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